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  • Product Name:(shielded) cable for computer
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Product Introduction:

Computer cables for rated voltage 500V and below for anti interference requirements of higher electronic computers and automatic connection cable. Cable core

K type B low density polyethylene with antioxidant properties. The insulation resistance of polyethylene is high, the resistance to voltage is good, the dielectric coefficient is small and the dielectric loss temperature and variable frequency influence is small, not only can meet the requirements of the transmission performance, but also can ensure the service life of the cable. 1[1]

In order to reduce the mutual interference between the circuit and the external disturbance, the cable adopts the shield structure. The shielding requirement of the cable is to be used in different occasions, such as the combination of the twisted pair, the total shielding of the twisted pair and the total shielding of the twisted pair combination.

Shielding materials are round copper wire, copper strip, aluminum strip / plastic composite tape three. The shielding pair has better insulating performance with the shield, and if the cable is in use, if the potential difference between the shielding pair occurs, the transmission quality of the signal can not be affected.

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