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  • Product Name:Explosion proof thermocouple
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Product Introduction:

Explosion proof thermocouple is a temperature sensor, in the chemical industry in the automatic control system of application is extremely broad, through the temperature sensor can control the temperature of the object parameters is changed into electrical signals passed to the display, record and control instrument, the implementation of the system detection, regulation and control. In the chemical plant, the production site is often accompanied by a variety of flammable, explosive and other chemical gases, steam, if the use of ordinary thermocouple is very safe, very easy to cause environmental gas explosion.

If the two different components of the homogeneous conductor (thermal power) to form a closed loop, when the temperature gradient exists at both ends of the loop

Explosion proof thermocouple

Explosion proof thermocouple

Explosion proof thermocouple

There is a current through, then there is a thermoelectric power between the two ends

Explosion proof of the original use of gap explosion-proof principle design with sufficient strength of the junction box component, all can produce a spark, arc and dangerous temperature parts are sealed in the junction box, when the cavity when the explosion occurred, by joint gap and extinguish fire and cooling, so that after the explosion and flame temperature is not transmitted to the chamber outside.

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