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Characteristics and common methods of cable selection in ele

According to the design experience, high pressure lines and large current of low voltage lines, should first according to the provisions of the economic current density selection of cable section, to make the line of the annual operation cost close to the minimum, saving energy and non-ferrous metal, check other conditions. For general low-voltage lighting circuit, because of its high voltage level requirements, it is generally permitted to select the first section of the voltage loss, and then check the heating conditions and mechanical strength. For low voltage power lines, the load current is large, so the heating conditions to select the section, and then check the voltage loss and mechanical strength.

Under normal circumstances, road and bridge lighting facilities to provide lighting level is relatively low, eye in mediating visual state, at this time to identify objects not by the color difference between the two to achieve, relying instead on the brightness difference between the object and the background. By road lighting, for example, whether unilateral cloth lamp, staggered light cloth, symmetrical cloth lamp or central cloth lamp, road lighting on the bridge load is evenly distributed, in the calculation of voltage loss, assuming the distribution of the load is concentrated in the midpoint of the line segment distribution, in accordance with concentrated load to calculate. In accordance with the requirements of the power supply quality of the bridge, the bridge lighting load voltage at the end of the line should be no less than 90% of the rated voltage, not more than 105% of rated voltage; bridge dynamic load voltage at the end of the line should be no less than 90% of the rated voltage; low voltage power factor cos Phi should be above 0.85.

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