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Calculation method of common cable

Cable list (bidding) = cable between the box net amount, does not contain any reservation length, Chi, waveform camber, crossing number, the set of tender quota to other added.

Cable bid amount = (listing volume + into the box, cabinet reserved length (1+2.5%) x, waveform curvature, cross relaxation degree)

Cable material volume = bid amount x (1+1% power cable control cable loss, loss of 1.5%)

1, power cable reserved length: cable in the power distribution cabinet (set out the line), set aside the length should be how many: 2m (into the cabinet)? Or 2m (into the cabinet) +1.5m (cable terminal)?

Answer: first to distinguish the cable line is motivated, or into the line, if the cable by the cabinet "in and out" line, the single cable actual reserved length = (2 + 1.5) *1.025 (twists and turns, relaxation degree) *1.01 (loss), such as is motivated line, the single reserved length =1.5*1.025 (folding wave, Chi degree) *1.01 (loss)

2, cable trench, cable protection pipe laying earthwork calculation? Large amount of work, then, is the artificial digging or mechanical digging? If it is the tender stage, how do you know whether there is a working face can make the mechanical work?

Answer: 1, buried cable of digging and filling (stone) party, except for special requirements, two of the following buried cables earthwork 0.45 cubic / m for each additional one cable and the width increased 170mm, earthwork volume increased 15.3 cubic / M; above earthwork measurement system according to the buried depth from the starting point of the natural floor, such as the design depth of more than 900 mm, the excavation of earthwork should be calculated separately.

2, according to the bidding tender of site investigation and a bid is artificial or mechanical, general is according to the electrical quota apply artificial digging more.

3. How to determine the transport capacity of the site by the cable laying outside the plant?

Answer: site for transportation, is refers to the outside plant cable laying and overhead line project quota not denominated materials from concentrated materials piled up points, or construction sites, warehouses and transported to pole position on the site for transportation, human and vehicle transport, with a "t? Km" calculations. Unit of engineering materials, the weight of the car is less than 3 tons per ton of 3 tons.

Transport volume calculation formula is as follows:

Engineering transport volume = construction drawing amount * (1+ loss rate)

The transportation weight of the project is the weight of the project and the weight of the package (not the weight of the package is not calculated).

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