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What kind of cable is called a special cable?

At present, special cable is more and more special cable seems to be increasingly popular. But what is a special cable, special cables, including those products, it seems, not everyone is clear. Someone said: "in addition to cable power cables, standard real communications cables, special cables are". Some plants to control cables as a special cable, this statement is correct, I am afraid that the average person can not be concluded, but also by the experts say.

So far there is no expert on what is the exact definition of special products. From the promotional materials, people put can only transmit power and communication signals and do not have any other auxiliary function and performance of the products, known as the traditional products, and also has a special auxiliary function and performance of the products, are called special products. Special wires and cables is a series with unique properties and special structure of products, equivalent to the large amount of a wide range of common cable and with high technology content, conditions of use is strictly, small batch, additional value is higher. New materials, new structures, new processes and new designs are often used. For example with "anti..." And "resistance to..." Products and some special products, is a typical special products. Special cable due to the particularity of the occasion, on its performance is compared with that of conventional cable with special requirements, such as: high temperature, low temperature, longitudinal or radial pressure sealing (air or water), ultraviolet light, ozone, lubricant or fuel oil, special flux, bending, bending, tensile, anti pressure, strong electricity or the interference of a strong magnetic field, corona, radiation, flame retardant, fire-resistant.

For example: high-temperature resistance electric wire and cable resistance to (containing polyether sulfone (PES) insulated wires and polyetheretherketone (PEEK) insulated wire); special purpose and structure of wire and cable (containing low inductance cable and low noise cable); function of wire and cable (containing fluorine resin controlled steady 135 Deg. C, heating cable and electric induced luminescence wire); new green insulation environmental protection wires and cables (containing CMP cables and novel halogen free green wire and cable).

Special cable products should be produced by the special needs of the market. With the development of electrical equipment, the earth's environment and the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, are calling for a number of special features and performance of the product come out. The development of modern high-tech, of all walks of life, all kinds of different power and signal transmission requirements is different, and different use of the environment (even in harsh environments) the requirements of cable, special performance requirements, making the cable of the varieties of dazzling. The production of special cable is the inevitable result of the development of product diversification. And special cable products in the traditional products, solid foundation and the great development, new product types in continuous expansion, and repeated use frequency is relatively not many and according to the requirements of users to special products of different design and production ability is crucial.

Special cable products are generally not readily available national standards or industry standards. If we have to wait until there is a standard to develop special products, but also innovative to do? Innovation is to create new things according to the needs of the market. When we refer to the new product information, we see a variety of special product standards, are various enterprises to develop their own product standards, this is the innovation.

Our existing wire and cable manufacturing enterprises more than 7000, and the production of special cable manufacturers in more than half, but the production of special cable fireproof, locomotive vehicle cable, cables for nuclear power station, heating cable and cable manufacturers rarely, accounted for the existing electric wire and cable manufacturing enterprises total less than 1%, this kind of special cable supply shortage, in part dependent on import; production shielded cable, computer cable, a connecting flexible cable, high temperature cable special cable and mainly concentrated in a number of small businesses, business capital, technology and talent are relatively weak, can not guarantee the quality of the products, due to its low price, the market tends to be their monopoly. These enterprises did not form their own core competitiveness, it is difficult to resist the impact of the market. Limited by the properties of the raw material and the level of production equipment, to be on the safe side, domestic production of special cable is non metal protecting layer is generally too thick, resulting in the average cost of our country special cable material always accounted for 40% of the total cost of ~ 50%, and some are even higher, and similar foreign products quality materials rarely, average cost accounted for 25% of the total cost of ~ 30%, imports of the product sales profit is often three to four times that of our products. Domestic production of special cable enterprises exist in a large number of small enterprises, technology and equipment level and the quality of personnel is very low, part of the enterprise scale is equivalent to the workshop type businesses, compared with foreign similar products compared there is a big gap, unable to withstand the impact of foreign products.

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