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  • Product Name:Assembling thermal resistance
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Product Introduction:

Industrial assembly thermal resistance as the temperature measurement sensors, usually display instrument, a recorder and electronic regulating device and other supporting use, it can direct measurement or control of various production process - 200 DEG C to 600 DEG C within the liquid, steam and gas

Body media and temperature on the solid surface.

According to the provisions of the state assembly thermal resistance production should be in line with the IEC international standard index number of Pt100 platinum thermal resistance and in line with the professional standard division number of Cu50 copper thermal resistance two assembly type, unified design type thermal resistance.

The resistance value (R100) of the thermal resistance element assembled at 100 C and the resistance value at 0 R0 (R100/R0)

Degree Pt100: class a R0=100 + 0.06

R0=100 level B + 0.12


Degree Cu50:R0=50 + 0.05

R0/R100=1.428 + 0.02

Pressure spring type temperature sensing element, anti vibration performance is good;

High temperature measurement accuracy;

High mechanical strength, good pressure resistance;

Imported thin film resistor, reliable and stable performance.

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