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Industrial ProductionWire and cable industry is China's second largest industry after the automotive industry, product variety satisfaction rate and the domestic market...


EnergyMeter cable is an important part of the energy meter, water, artificial gas, natural gas, steam and oil these commonly used energy...


EnvironmentalFlue gas emission control is to cure the pollution of important projects each chimney must is...


TransportationThe pipeline must be equipped with a cable, which is the eye of control, distribution and scheduling....


BiotechnologyTwenty-first Century will be the century of life science, the characteristics of biotechnology industry...


ExperimentScientific experiments require more than a large number of instruments, and the variety is extremely complex...
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  • Matters needing attention in laying cable in winter
  • Type composition and sequence of wire and cable
  • Naming principles of electric wire and cable products
  • How to determine the use of wire and cable
  • Process characteristics of wire and cable products
ServiceCustomerShenhua Electric Group (Anhui) Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in industrial instrumentation production, wire and cable, products involving power, petrochemical... AbsorbedInnovateShenhua Group was founded in January 2001. In 2005 moved to the Tianchang, Anhui Province Economic Development Zone, is a science, industry and trade as one of the integrated enterprise... CommonDevelopmentThe company production of wear-resistant thermocouple, thermal resistance and China's five major power of Huadian Group, Huaneng Group, Guodian, Datang Group, CLP Group... PerfectServiceCompany's products have passed the ISO9001-2008 quality system certification, the national compulsory CCC certification, and obtained the national level of relevant qualifications and certificates of honor...
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Shenhua Electric Group (Anhui) Co., Ltd is located in the beautiful and rich in the Eastern Pearl of Anhui Province, Anhui Tianchang Province Economic Development Zone, excellent location, historical and cultural city in the south of Nanjing, east of the ancient city of Yangzhou; Northwest are respectively connected and Chuzhou, Huaian; Ning, Ning Huai expressway runs....
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