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Process characteristics of wire and cable products

Process characteristics of wire and cable products:

1 large length continuous stack combination mode of production, the production of large length continuous stack mode, the influence of the wire and cable production is overall and control, which involves and affects the:

(1) production process and equipment layout of workshop equipment must be according to the product requirements of the process reasonably discharge, so that the various stages of the semi-finished products, orderly transfer. Equipment allocation should consider the production efficiency is different and the balance of production capacity, some equipment may have to be equipped with two or more units, in order to make the production capacity of the production line to balance. The reasonable selection and combination of equipment and the arrangement of the production site must be balanced according to the product and production quantity.

(2) production organization and management, production organization and management must be reasonable and scientific, strict and meticulous, careful and accurate, the operator must be meticulously according to the requirement of process execution, any link problems will affect the process of smooth, the impact of product quality and delivery. In particular, multicore cables, a certain length of a line or the basic unit is short, or the quality of the problem, then the whole cable will be long enough, resulting in scrap. Conversely, if a unit length is too long, it must be saw to cause waste.

(3) the quality management of large length of continuous combination of production, so that any link in the production process, the instantaneous point of the problem, it will affect the quality of the whole cable. Quality defects occur in the inner layer, and there is no timely detection of termination of production, then the greater the loss. Because the wire and cable production is different from the assembled products, can be disassembled and replaced the other pieces; quality of wire and cable of any part or process, of the cable is almost unable to restore and remedy. After the deal is very negative, not a short cut is degraded, or scrap the whole cable. It can not be disassembled. Wire and cable quality management, must run through the entire production process. Quality control inspection department to the whole production process inspection, the operator self inspection, the next process mutual inspection, which is to ensure product quality, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises is an important guarantee and means.

2. Categories of production process, material flow high wire cable manufacturing process categories involved widely, from non-ferrous metal smelting and pressure processing, plastic, rubber, paint and other chemical technology; fiber material around the bag, woven of textile technology to metal material and metal strip longitudinal wrapping and welding of metal forming process and so on. Various materials used in the manufacture of electric wire and cable, not only the categories, varieties, specifications, but also a large number of materials. Therefore, the amount of materials, the amount of preparation, batch cycle and batch must be approved. At the same time, the decomposition of waste treatment, recycling, recycling and waste treatment, as an important part of management, to do a good job of material management, pay attention to saving work. In the production of electric wire and cable, from the raw materials and various auxiliary materials in and out, storage, the flow of semi-finished products to the product storage, factory, material flow, must be reasonable layout, dynamic management.

3. Special equipment multi wire and cable manufacturing with the characteristics of the industry process, special production equipment, to meet the requirements of the structure and properties of cable products, to meet the continuous length and as much as possible requirements of high-speed production, thus forming a cable manufacturing equipment series. Such as extrusion machine, wire drawing machine series, wire machine series, wrapping machine series. The manufacturing process of wire and cable is closely related to the development of special equipment, and promote each other. New process requirements, to promote the production and development of new special equipment; in turn, the development of new equipment, but also to promote the promotion and application of new technology. Such as wire drawing, annealing, extrusion line, physical foaming production line and other special equipment, to promote the development and improvement of wire and cable manufacturing process, improve the quality of the cable products and production efficiency.

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