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Type composition and sequence of wire and cable

[1: category, use][2: conductor][3: insulation][4: inner shield][5: structure features][6: external protection layer or derived]-[7: use features]

1-5 terms and seventh letters of the alphabet, polymer materials in the name of the first letter of the alphabet, each can be a letter 1-2; the sixth is the number of 1-3.

Principle of omission in the model: copper is the main use of the conductor material in the wire and cable products, so the copper core code is written in T Province, except the bare wire and the bare conductor products. Bare wire and bare conductor products class, power cable, electromagnetic wire products do not show a large class code, electrical equipment, wire and cable and communication cable class is not clear, but the series of small class or series code, etc..

The seventh item is a variety of special occasions or additional special use requirements of the mark, in the "-" after the phonetic alphabet. Sometimes in order to highlight the item, put the item in the front. Such as ZR- (flame retardant), NH- (fire resistance), WDZ- (low smoke halogen free, enterprise standards), -TH (humid areas with), FY- (anti termites, corporate standards), etc..

Digital signature armored layer coating or the outer sheath

0 no ---

1 armor fiber coat

2 double deck steel tape PVC coat

3 thin round steel wire polyethylene jacket

4 Coarse Round Wire

5 wrinkles (rolled) steel strip

6 double aluminum (or aluminum alloy) with

8 copper wire braid

9 steel wire weaving

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