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Matters needing attention in laying cable in winter

Winter is the special attention to the cable laying season, due to the lower temperature of the cable laying a certain limit, the following to introduce some of the cable laying in winter:

First, before the cable is laid, it must be fully prepared. Before winter construction, the construction personnel should be organized to learn construction measures and preventive measures, familiar with the construction drawings and technical documents of the cable laying. And to develop strict winter construction management system, strictly enforce the rules for winter construction, specification and development of construction measures and preventive measures, to ensure a smooth winter people, machines, materials, materials, ensure the engineering quality and progress of the project is not affected. Then according to the established good construction measures and preventive measures, do a good job planning materials, materials department should according to the plan, does a good job of supplying the materials needed, including insulation materials, anti freezing, cold, anti-skid, heating materials and erection related facilities required materials. And to ensure the smooth construction of roads, timely removal of snow and ice, the working surface as a freezing phenomenon.

Second, in the cable laying process, must pay attention to, always ready to. For example, when the temperature is low in winter, when the snow pile up enough, and if the cable is a hard conductor. It is not easy to produce a twist, the snow will automatically fall off the wire. At the same time, due to the different cable density, when the snow gradually solidified to the ice, reaching a certain level will automatically break, resulting in misunderstanding of the customer, so the appearance is easy to cover the snow and ice. When the ice weight exceeds the capacity of the wire and cable to be accepted, the overhead is due to the overhead of the wire and cable in the outdoor. It is easy to cause the cable to pull the power transmission tower or pull the wire rod to the phenomenon of the self collapse of the cable. So, in order to prevent the occurrence of such a situation, in the selection of information to choose to be able to choose to resist the cold cable.

Third, if in temperatures below - 5 DEG C for working in the open air, near the construction site should be set heating room, heating facilities should be in accordance with the provisions of the fire, and construction of heating facilities must be hanging signs, prevent scald.

Fourth, cable storage location environment temperature is lower than the use of the cable, do not put the cable, and other cables in a warm place for 24 hours after the installation.

Fifth, cable laying, should carefully check the cable of the code, specification and length, endpoint device name and position and cable lists and drawings are consistent, and check the cable is damaged.

Sixth, when the cable mixed with different sheath, special attention should be paid to prevent the cable friction and damage to the cable sheath.

Seventh, each cable laying is completed, the cable leveling, calibrated length, and the cable rolled up hanging in the vicinity of the device, shall not be cable anywhere littering, arbitrary stampede, so as not to damage the cable.

Eighth, all cable pull application is completed, the cable should be fully checked models, specifications, the length of the device and the total number of devices to prevent deposition or omission, check the correct after the cable can be strong. Such as the use of banding process solid cable, pull good enough a bundle of cables after review finishing, which ties strong and apply the second beam. Finally, to ensure the safety of winter construction technical clarification strictly, and do a good job of visa records.

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